Saturday, December 7, 2013

Why Choose Vardi & Migdal Skin care Products for your Sensitive Skin

If you will research more about Vardi & Migdal, then you will find out that almost all their skin care products contains Dead Sea salt. This brand is very particular with this ingredient because they are aware of its effectiveness when used as one of the ingredients for their skin care products. There are overwhelming numbers of popular skincare brands all over the world, but they differ on the ingredients included within their products. This is what makes Vardi & Migdal very popular in today’s time.

They include sea salt within their products, but it is not an ordinary salt because it is coming from the Dead Sea. The salt that comes from this amazing sea contains a lot of minerals that are beneficial to the skin. Many believed that this Sea is dead because there is no living thing that can stand the saltiness of the water. However, its shore and the water are filled with healthful minerals that can provide positive effects on the skin when use as an ingredient in skin care products.

Spa Dead Sea Salt skin care product
Spa Dead Sea Salt

Of course, it has been tested for many years right before it was introduced to the public for general use to cure a lot of skin care ailments. Many professional and licensed dermatologists and scientists have worked together for many years in order to create a perfect skin care product that can solve almost all sorts of common skin problems. Now, Vardi & Migdal have a long line of skin care products with Dead Sea salt available for all customers in diverse regions. The company understands that need for different formulation according to the climatic condition of each location. This is why they have come up with two different formulations for colder places and tropical regions.

The Dead Sea salt has potassium. This mineral can help the cell to generate and it is being used as a treatment for mild blister and eczema outbreak. Aside from that, it has properties that can aid in depression, stress and it can also help to maintain blood pressure. Another mineral is magnesium that can help in proper functioning of the cell. It can help to soothe and heal irritated, rough and callous skin. It has an anti-allergen effect with healing effects. When magnesium reach into the inner layer of the skin, then it can calm and soothe the nervous system to help the muscles to relax that can help in eliminating aches and pain.

Organic Bar Soap skin care product
Organic Bar Soap Samples

There is Boron. This is a mineral that can aid people with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis. Aside from that, it is good for covering wrinkles and fine lines due to aging. When you use Vardi & Migdal skin care products, then you can reduce the signs of aging. Boron has the ability to soften the skin and it can offer a smooth sensation when the skin is touched. It has an anti-bacterial property that makes it very gentle to the skin.

There is manganese, zinc, calcium, lithium and bromine with different beneficial effects on the skin. These minerals are present in the dead sea salt that are responsible in the magic effect right after using one of the many Vardi & Migdal skin care products.